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Venturi Formula E Team
Venturi logo
Team Information
Based Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco
Début 2014 Beijing ePrix
Founder Leonardo DiCaprio, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Francesco Costa, Bert Hedaya
Key People Unknown
Driver(s) Edoardo Mortara (No.4)
Maro Engel (No.5)
Car Venturi VM200-FE-03
Sponsor(s) Unknown
Website Venturi
Team Stats
Last Season 9th (29 pt(s))
Entries 33
Wins 0
First Win
Points 159
Poles 1
Podiums 2
Fastest Laps 2
Titles Unknown
Current Season
Entrant Venturi Formula E Team
Switzerland Edoardo Mortara Germany Maro Engel
Edoardo Mortara Maro Engel
12th (29 Pt(s)) 14th (27 Pt(s))
Team Standings
7th (56 Pt(s))

The Venturi Formula E Team are an entrant in the 2017/18 FIA Formula E Championship, racing as the factory team of Venturi Automobiles.[1] One of the Series' founding members, Venturi are the only team based in Monaco, and have featured in every edition of the FE Series.[2]


The Venturi Formula E Team was founded in Monaco by DiCaprio, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Francesco Costa, Bert Hedaya, with the aim of bringing Venturi Automobiles' experience in building the current record holder in the Bonneville Salt Flats for an electric car.[1] Venturi intend to become a manufacturer in the championship from the second season onwards.[1]

Formula E HistoryEdit

Venturi were the only Monaco based team to be entered for the inaugural season, with Nick Heidfeld and Stéphane Sarrazin as their drivers for the year.[3] The team ran four Spark-Renault SRT_01Es for their drivers, although the pair suffered their fair amount of misfortune throughout the season.[1] A strong start looked to be on the cards for Heidfeld right from the get go, until the German was taken out by Nicolas Prost at the season opening 2014 Beijing ePrix in a move that could have given him victory.[4]

Heidfeld often found himself on the wrong side of penalties throughout the season too, losing out while leading the 2015 Buenos Aires ePrix because of a pitlane infringement.[5] Sarrazin, meanwhile, proved to be a semi-consistent point scorer, albeit at the lower end of the points, until Venturi's fortunes seemingly turned in Moscow.[6] Heidfeld finally took a podium finish that his pace had arguably earned him throughout the season, although their moment in the sun was brief.

The London double header that ended the season rather summed up their season, although the driver's respective roles were reversed.[7] For Heidfeld, missing out on points and a retirement were his return, while Sarrazin was penalised for using too much energy, having crossed the line first in the season ending 2015 London ePrix II.[7]

Season SupplierEdit

For the 2015/16 season, Sarrazin would be retain by the team, who also made headlines by signing 1997 Formula One world champion Jacques Villeneuve, who replaced an outgoing Nick Heidfeld.[8] Owners Venturi Automobiles also announced that they would be supplying powertrains to Dragon Racing, leading to an intense intra-team battle between the Monegasques and the Americans. The first blows would be exchanged at the 2015 Donington Test, with the American squad ending the test period as the faster of the two teams.

It would still be advantage Dragon at the first race of the season, with Venturi only managing to grab ninth place courtesy of Sarrazin.[9] The Frenchman then put together a strong display to take fourth in Putrajaya, before again ending up in ninth at the 2015 Punta del Este ePrix.[10] It was in Punta del Este where Villeneuve decided to quit the team, the Canadian believing he was wasting his time sitting at the back of the field, with Venturi calling upon Mike Conway to fill their second seat.[11]

It would be a slow start for Conway who, like Villenuve before him, failed to record points as Sarrazin continued his pattern of ninth-fourth-ninth finishes. Then the Frenchman put together one of the best performances of the season to claim second at the 2016 Long Beach ePrix, although this result was overshadowed by the fact that Dragon racing had won the previous round in 2016 Mexico City ePrix.[12] Conway also forced himself onto the board in Long Beach, as Venturi tried to propel themselves into the top half of the table before the end of the season.[12]

Unfortunately for the Monte Carlo squad, the rest of the season would only see a minor return of points, with Sarrazin often slipping back from strong starting positions. Conway, meanwhile, could only extract two more points finishes before the end of the season, and come seasons end Venturi were down in sixth, with almost half the number of points of "sister" team Dragon.

German connectionEdit

The 2016/17 saw Venturi obtain greater funding through a German backer, prompting the team to replace Conway with experienced GT racer Maro Engel.[2] They also became the only team supplied by their owners, with the new car making its public bow at the 2016 Donington Test. Unfortunately, although the car was an improvement on the previous season's effort, both Sarrazin and Engel found themselves in the lower reaches of the field on outright pace.

Formula E RecordEdit

The tables below show Venturi Formula E Team's full record in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Formula E EntriesEdit

The table below gives an overview of Venturi Formula E Team's entries in Formula E:

Venturi Formula E Team's overall Formula E Record
Season Official name No. Drivers DC Pos. DC Pts. Car TC Pos. TC Pts.
2014/15 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team 23 Germany Nick Heidfeld 12th 31 Spark-Renault SRT_01E 9th 53
30 France Stéphane Sarrazin 14th 22
2015/16 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team 4 France Stéphane Sarrazin 6th 70 Venturi VM200-FE-01 6th 77
12 Flag of Canada Jacques Villeneuve 20th 0
12 Flag of the United Kingdom Mike Conway 16th 7
2016/17 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team 4* France Stéphane Sarrazin 10th 36 Venturi VM200-FE-02 9th 29
4 France Tom Dillmann 19th 11
5 Germany Maro Engel 17th 16
2017/18 Monaco Venturi Formula E Team 4 Switzerland Edoardo Mortara Venturi VM200-FE-03
4 France Tom Dillmann
5 Germany Maro Engel

Career ResultsEdit

Listed below are the full career results of Venturi Formula E Team:

FIA Formula E Championship Record
Year Driver Rounds Pos. Pts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2014/15 Flag of China Flag of Malaysia Flag of Uruguay Flag of Argentina Flag of the United States Flag of the United States Flag of Monaco Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom 9th 53
Heidfeld 13th DSQ 10th 8th 12th 11th 10th 5th 3rd 13th Ret
Sarrazin 9th 12th Ret 10th Ret 10th 7th 6th 14th 10th 15th
2015/16 Flag of China Flag of Malaysia Flag of Uruguay Flag of Argentina Flag of Mexico Flag of the United States Flag of Monaco Flag of Germany Flag of Russia Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom 6th 77
Sarrazin 9th 4th 9th 4th 9th 2nd 5th 10th CAN 12th 5th
Villeneuve 14th 11th DNS CAN
Conway 15th 12th 10th 14th 8th CAN 10th 13th
2016/17 Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Morocco Flag of Argentina Flag of Mexico Flag of Monaco Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Germany Flag of the United States Flag of the United States Flag of Canada Flag of Canada 9th 29
Sarrazin 10th 12th 12th 15th 15th 10th
Engel 9th NC Ret Ret 5th 9th Ret Ret Ret 12th 18th
Dillmann 8th 19th 15th 13th 7th 10th 10th
2017/18 Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Morocco Flag of Chile Flag of Mexico Flag of Uruguay Flag of Italy Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Switzerland Flag of the United States Flag of the United States 7th 56
Mortara 7th 2nd 17th 13th 8th 17th 10th 13th Ret
Engel 13th 7th 12th Ret 16th 10th 8th 4th 8th 11th


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