Flag of Santiago Santiago
Circuit Layout
Santiago Layout 2019
Circuit Details
Name Forestal Park Circuit
Location Flag of Chile Parque O'Higgins Circuit, Santiago, Chile
Length 2.348 km (1.459 mi)
Corners 14
First Race 3 February 2018
Circuit Records
Fastest Lap Qualifying Wins
1:20.235 1:19.161 1
Flag of the United Kingdom Sam Bird Flag of France Jean-Éric Vergne Flag of France Jean-Éric Vergne

Santiago de Chile, better known simply as Santiago, is the largest and capital city of the Republic of Chile, and made its debut as a host city during the 2017/18 FIA Formula E Championship.[1] Santiago hosted only its second major motorsports event in almost seventy years when Formula E arrived on the 3 February 2018, having previously held a non-Championship Formula One race in 1950.[1]

Santiago would subsequently return for the 2018/19 season, although the series would move to a new circuit built around the Parque O'Higgins.[2]

City HistoryEdit

Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia has been credited as the founder of Santiago, officially naming the new colonial city as "Santiago del Nuevo Extremo" on the 12th February 1541.[3] A series of native uprisings and natural disasters would limit the city's initial growth, the city taking over a century to finally stabilise as the capital of the Spanish colony.[3] After another century and a half of financial growth it would be Santiago that led Chile's fight for independence from Spain, the 18th September 1810 beginning an eight year fight against the European power.[3]

Ultimately, Chile would gain independence, with Santiago becoming the new Republic's capital city. Rapid population growth would follow, hitting quintupling in size in a little over forty years, although it was in the twentieth century that Santiago's population truly exploded.[3] Constant expansion and redevelopment allowed a near continual growth of Santiago, which continued unabated in spite of the Military Dictatorship imposed between 1973 and 1990.[3]

The 2000s would see Santiago move through the 3,000,000 pop. barrier, presenting a new problem with pollution.[3] Restrictions on vehicles and a rebuilt railway aided the situation, although travel restrictions are still required to keep the city within tolerable pollution levels.[3] The city has also been rocked by devastating earthquakes, while the Mapocho River remains one of the more polluted bodies of water in the world.[3]

Formula E HistoryEdit

Santiago's inclusion in the Formula E Championship had first been proposed ahead of the 2014/15 season, although the city never appeared on an official calendar.[1] However, it was not until the release of the 2017/18 calendar that Santiago finally appear, taking a slot in early February.[4]

Circuit HistoryEdit

The area around the Forestal Park, on the banks of the Mapocho River, was chosen as the venue for the first Santiago ePrix, with the circuit actually crossing the river twice after a blast down the Avenue Santa Maria.[1] Mining company Antofagasta Minerals was revealed as the title sponsor for Formula E's visit, while former Chilean Formula One racer Eliseo Salazar demonstrated the Spark-Renault SRT_01E at the event's launch in October 2017.[1]

Circuit LayoutsEdit

Santiago has had two E-Prix circuits designed for it during its time as host of the Formula E Championship, the first at Forestal Park, and the second at the Parque O'Higgins.[1][2]

Forestal Park CircuitEdit

Santiago Layout 2018

The Forestal Park Circuit, measuring 2.462 km (1.529 mi) in length.

The lap begins with a 90° right hander, cutting across the Mapocho River before a left hand bend on the opposite bank of the river.[1] The drivers then loop around the Baquedano Square, entering a gentle curve leading into a hairpin turn six, which carries the cars back along the same curve.[1] Another 90° left hander moves the drivers to the entrance of the Forestal Park, with the pit entrance found in the entry to turn eight.[1]

Turn eight itself carries the field along the entry road to the Park, with turn nine following to lead the cars into the Park itself.[1] A short blast cuts through the middle of the Park before the field turn left onto the Cardenal Jose Maria Caro, featuring another short blast into turn eleven and the pit-exit.[1] Turn eleven itself sees the field cross the Mapocho for a second time, before the tight right hand turn twelve releases the drivers back onto the start/finish straight.[1]

Parque O'Higgins CircuitEdit


A full list of records for the Santiago E-Prix are outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of E-Prix held in Santiago:

Santiago E-Prix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2017/18 2018 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix Forestal Park Circuit 3 February 2018[1] Flag of France Jean-Éric Vergne[5] Report
2018/19 2019 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix Parque O'Higgins Circuit 26 January 2019[2] Flag of the United Kingdom Sam Bird[6] Report

Forestal Park CircuitEdit

The circuit records for the Forestal Park Circuit are outlined below:

  • Qualifying Record: 1:19.161 - Jean-Éric Vergne (2018)
  • Lap Record: 1:20.235 - Sam Bird (2018)
  • Most Poles: 1 - Jean-Éric Vergne
  • Most Wins: 1 - Jean-Éric Vergne

Parque O'Higgins CircuitEdit

The circuit records for the Parque O'Higgins Circuit are outlined below:


Videos and Images:


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