Flag of Paris Paris
Circuit Layout
Paris Layout
Circuit Details
Name Formula E Paris ePrix
Location France Les Invalides, Paris
Length TBA
Corners TBA
First Race 2016 Paris ePrix
Circuit Records
Fastest Lap Qualifying Wins
unknown unknown unknown
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 The capital of the French Republic, Paris is set to be a host city for the FIA Formula E Championship during the 2015/16 Formula E Season.[1] Paris was added to the calendar in place of Monaco, which hosted a race during the 2014/15 Championship, with Spark based in France.[1]

Current SeasonEdit

Paris' addition to the list of Formula E host cities was announced at the World Motor Sport Council meeting in July of 2015, alongside a full calendar.[1] The circuit is expected to incorporate several significant architectural features of Paris, and centred around Les Invalides.[1]

City HistoryEdit

Formula E HistoryEdit

Circuit LayoutEdit

The Paris ePrix circuit has yet to be announced, but will host a race on the 23rd of April.[2]


With the 2015/16 Championship yet to start, there are no Formula E records for the French capital.

  • Qualifying record:
  • Lap record:
  • Most Poles:
  • Most Wins:


Videos and Images:


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