The FanBoost is a concept introduced by the FIA in the Formula E Championship to give the three "most popular" drivers a temporary boost in power in each ePrix.[1] Fans vote for their favourite driver through the FIA's website (or official accounts on social media), to give three drivers a boost in power totaling 100 kJ of energy in the second half of the race.[2]


The FanBoost is intended to get fans more involved with the championship by allowing them to have a direct impact on the race outcome.[1] Fans vote for their favourite driver through numerous organisations (although this is primarily handled through the FIA's official Formula E website), with the three "most popular" drivers awarded the FanBoost.[1]

The "Boost"Edit

The Boost itself comes in the form of a five second addition of power during the race, which a nominated driver can use once during the race.[1] With the FIA boosting race power to 170 kw (228 bhp) for 2015/16, the Boost is limited to 100 kj of stored energy to be used at the driver's discretion.[2] Specifically, the 100 kjs may boost the car's power between 180 kw and 200 kw, although the higher the value, then the less time that the driver can use the Boost.[2]


Virgin Racing A FanBoost Broadcast

Virgin Racing A FanBoost Broadcast

Virgin Racing duo Jaime Alguersuari and Sam Bird outline the importance of your FanBoost vote.

Fans may vote, as mentioned above, through the race organisers, sponsors or the FIA Formula E website, with the FIA totalling up the scores with Telescope to determine the result.[1] Fans vote for their favourite driver, with voting running for twelve days prior to the ePrix.[1] From 2015/16, the vote continues to be open until six minutes after the start of the race, meaning the Boost may only be used in the second half of the race.[2] Fans may vote once per day for any driver throughout the voting period through the Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (the latter three using hastags).[1]

A slight tweek to the voting system was made prior to the 2017 Buenos Aires ePrix, with the voting window reduced from twelve to six days.[3] This move, designed to increase participation by condensing the voting period to simply the build-up to each ePrix, also included the removal of voting via Instagram.[3]

In order to vote, head to before the next ePrix.


Below is a list of drivers whom have been awarded the FanBoost during their Formula E career.

FanBoost Winners*
Rank Name Wins
1st Switzerland Sébastien Buemi 18
2nd Brazil Lucas di Grassi 18
3rd France Jean-Eric Vergne 11
4th Germany Daniel Abt 9
5th Brazil Nelson Piquet Jr. 8
6th Germany Nick Heidfeld 8
7th Flag of the United Kingdom Sam Bird 4
8th Flag of the United Kingdom Oliver Turvey 4
9th Brazil Bruno Senna 4
10th Flag of Mexico Salvador Duran 4
11th France Stéphane Sarrazin 4
12th Flag of the United Kingdom Katherine Legge 2
13th France Charles Pic 1
14th Flag of Japan Sakon Yamamoto 1
15th France Loïc Duval 1
16th Flag of Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio 1
17th Argentina José María López 1

* Correct as of the 2017 Montreal ePrix II.

There is, of course, no prize for winning the most number of FanBoosts, but the effect of a driver's popularity is telling. With Nelson Piquet Jr. taking the title and winning the most FanBoosts (6) during the 2014/15 season, one can suggest a positive relationship between popularity and glory.

For the 2016/17 season Formula E introduced an award for the driver who won the most FanBoosts during the season. Ultimately, it would be Lucas di Grassi who won the inaugural FanBoost Award, having earned FanBoost in all twelve of that season's rounds.[4] The Brazilian was also the overall Formula E Champion that season, reinforcing the perceived bond between popularity and success.


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