Flag of Berlin Berlin
Circuit Layout
Berlin Layout 2017
Circuit Details
Name Tempelhofring
Location Germany Berlin, Germany
Length 2.375km (1.476mi)
Corners 10
First Race 23rd May 2015
Circuit Records
Fastest Lap Qualifying Wins
1:09.509 1:08.208 2
Germany Maro Engel Brazil Lucas di Grassi Switzerland Sébastien Buemi

Berlin is a major city and capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, which is the only city to have hosted the FIA Formula E Championship in every season.[1] The Berlin E-Prix has been staged five times in FE's short history, with four races staged at the legendary Tempelhof airport, and one E-Prix around Karl-Marx-Alley.

City HistoryEdit

Berlin was first settled in 1192, when the earliest evidence of settlement in the city can be found.[2] The city itself was established in 1237, with two towns that gradually merged together over the thirteenth century.[2] Berlin became the capital of the local region in the fifteenth century, before becoming the basis of power in Prussia in the seventeenth century.[2] The German Empire was later centred on Berlin in 1871, with city remaining as the capital after the second world war (for both the Federal and People's Republics of Germany) and the reunified Germany formed in 1989.[2]

Formula E HistoryEdit

Berlin was announced as a host city as part of the original, provisional, calendar on the 11th of July 2013, as the penultimate round of the season.[3] The inclusion of Moscow in early 2015 meant that Berlin was moved to the eighth round, and pushed a week forward to allow enough time to get the equipment to Russia in time.[3]

Circuit HistoryEdit

Berlin Layout

Tempelhof Airport's original layout.

The circuit was revealed on the 24th of February, 2015, with the ePrix itself held on the 23rd of May.[4] Having raced around Tempelhof Airport, sight of the legendary Berlin Airlift, Jérôme d'Ambrosio became the first winner of the Berlin ePrix, after Lucas di Grassi was excluded from the result after using an illegal front wing.[5]

Alley AlterationsEdit

After the Refugee Crisis of 2016 saw Tempelhof turned into a refugee centre, a new area for the Berlin ePrix was needed.[6] Karl-Marx-Alley was proposed, and quick and effective negotiations saw a new circuit constructed in the heart of Berlin, with the new circuit approved by the FIA and all eighteen drivers.[6] Victory went to Sébastien Buemi, who battled his way to victory, while title rival Lucas di Grassi had to battle up to the podium from eighth.[7]

Tempelhof TemptationsEdit

Tempelhof Airport would return as host of the Berlin ePrix for the 2016/17 season, with a brand new layout proposed to better suit the series.[8] It would also be the first time that Berlin hosted two races as part of a single Formula E campaign, for the first proposed Brussels ePrix was cancelled after issues organising a venue.[9]

Circuit LayoutEdit

The Berlin ePrix circuit features seventeen corners over a distance of 2.47 km (1.53 mi), held inside the "apron" of Tempelhof Airport in the centre of Berlin.[3] Containing a mixture of hairpins, chicanes and long sweeping corners, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E was pushed to its limits, as were the drivers.[1]

Karl-Marx-Alley CircuitEdit

Berlin Layout 2016

The Karl-Marx-Alley attempt at an ePrix.

The Karl-Marx-Alley Circuit would be a different take on circuit design, with three hairpin turns centred around a round-about at the end of Karl-Marx-Alley.[6] The pits were down a separate road, entry and exit either side of the turn one hairpin, with the lap running anti-clockwise around central Berlin.[6]

Tempelhof 2017Edit

A whole new circuit layout was proposed for Tempelhof Airport's return in 2017, with fewer corners but very few straights of note.[10]


A full list of records for the Berlin ePrix is outlined below, including a list of race winners.


Below is a list of all of the winners of ePrix held in Berlin:

Berlin ePrix Winners List
Season Name Circuit Date Winner Report
2014/15 2015 Formula E DHL Berlin ePrix Tempelhof Airport 23 May 2015 Flag of Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio Report
2015/16 2016 FIA Formula E BMW i Berlin ePrix Karl-Marx-Alley 21 May 2016 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi Report
2016/17 2017 FIA Formula E BMW i Berlin ePrix I Tempelhofring 10 June 2017 Flag of Sweden Felix Rosenqvist Report
2016/17 2017 FIA Formula E BMW i Berlin ePrix II Tempelhofring 11 June 2017 Switzerland Sébastien Buemi Report
2017/18 2018 FIA Formula E BMW i Berlin E-Prix[11] Tempelhofring 19 May 2018 Germany Daniel Abt Report

Tempelhof Circuit (2015) RecordsEdit

The Tempelhof circuit saw all of its records set at the first ever ePrix held there in 2015.

Karl-Marx-Alley Circuit RecordsEdit

The Karl-Marx-Alley circuit saw all of its records set at the first ever ePrix held there in 2016.

Tempelhofring RecordsEdit

The Tempelhofring circuit saw its records set during the double header weekend during the 2016/17 season:


Videos and Images:


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